[+Transmission] We're so completely stoked to announce that we are about to release some new music with vocals by our buddy Justin Pierre [Motion City Soundtrack]. His vocals were tracked by our awesome pal Tommy Rehbein [Robosapien] in Minneapolis, MN this month and we couldn't be happier. The track is entitled "Spaced-Out" and it will be our 1st new release in nearly 2 years!

In addition to "Spaced-Out", we also covered The Rentals' "California" as the B side on the release. We will unleash this combo on our very own Kenobi Records early this Summer. A release date and additional details will be unveiled later this month as well as an exclusive premiere available next month so stay tuned and connected.

It's pretty easy to say we haven't been this excited about a release in quite some time. We have a lot more in the works this year and can't wait to share it all with you. With that said; Thanks to every Fanakin out there who has shown us continuous support over the years. We mean it when we say this band would not even be remotely possible without you. 2018 here we come!



[+Transmission] We're honored to be a small part in this compilation with some really awesome artists which include:

Blinker The StarBig JesusPærishRilian, GleemerMossbreakerObjects [Kellii Scott - Failure], Kevin DevineDaisyheadSchematic [Dave Elkins - Mae] and more!

Jacob King is a loyal Fanakin who is currently in a battle with Autoimmune Encephalitis and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. All proceeds will be put towards his medical bills which have skyrocketed to over $35,000 and will likely continue to rise. Please consider a donation; Any amount helps. You can listen to and/or purchase the Brainbow compilation via Bandcamp. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Did someone say cassettes? We've heard your requests and have decided to answer with a small run on some oh so retro cassette tapes! All 4 albums will be available by June. Random Accessed Memories + Emergency Broadcast System + Celestial Frequency Shifter + Radio Transmission Failure. Each cassette includes a 4-panel printed insert complete with album lyrics. Pre-order the 4-album bundle over in our shop now and be assured you won't miss out. These will be limited to 50 copies so snatch them up while you can. More awesomeness is on the way! Until then... [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Happy New Year! Today marks 5 years since we released our debut album "Random Accessed Memories". This is the album that started it all in Anakinland and we are so very proud to see our baby turn 5 years old!

With that said, we've had many Fanakins over the past 5 years write in and ask us to press this album on vinyl so we've decided to try and make that happen but we will need your help to do so. We've launched a Kickstarter in an attempt to raise money to do a small vinyl run on "Random Accessed Memories" which you can visit here. The plan is to press 350 transparent vinyl and 150 translucent red vinyl in addition to an exclusive Kickstarter vinyl variant to be chosen by you.

There are several reward options to choose within the Kickstarter but one that we're especially stoked to have made is a limited edition 5 year anniversary poster print in which the entire RAM robot on the album cover can be seen in detail in all his awesomeness! These special anniversary posters will be a one time print, hand numbered and only available to Kickstarter backers.

We have one shot to make this happen and time runs out on January 20th so let's see what we can do! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] To celebrate the Christm@s season, we covered The Beach Boys' "Little Saint Nick" which is now available everywhere! Whether you stream it on Pandora or purchase it on iTunes, we hope you choose to celebrate the holidays with Anakin. We have so much news to announce in 2017 we can barely contain our excitement! Until then, we wish you all a Merry Christm@s and a Happy New Year! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We've printed up some custom "Prim@ry" vinyl slipmats which are now available in our online shop. These are a very limited edition item [50 available] and once they're sold out, that's it, so make sure to snatch one up while you can! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] The time is here Fanakins; We are super excited to announce that we have teamed up with Seattle based Spartan Records to share our music with more humans! We've been completely obsessed with this label and are so stoked to have this new partnership with them. Grab all our releases now available at spartanrecords.com and please be sure to check out all the other rad bands this awesome record company works with.

It doesn't end there. Purchase any item in the Spartan Records store between now and September 21st to save 25% with discount code ENDOFSUMMER. Plus spend $50 or more and receive a FREE Spartan Records shirt! This label is seriously incredible and we couldn't be happier. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Welcome to our new website makeover! Have a look around and be sure to check out our improved online shop where you can celebrate with 40% OFF on our Prim@ry cd box set and Celestial Frequency Shifter vinyl options. Use code "FANAKIN" at checkout. More news and updates to be announced very soon so stay connected! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We've launched "Radio Transmission Failure" 12" LP pre-orders! 1st press will be limited to 500 copies. 350 on transparent vinyl and 150 on yellow translucent vinyl. Pre-order now via anakin.limitedrun.com and help us make some wax! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We're incredibly excited to announce that our brand new album "Radio Transmission Failure" is out and available everywhere now! Popular stream/download/purchase links listed below:


Want a physical copy? You can also purchase the album within our limited edition "Prim@ry" cd box set at anakin.limitedrun.com. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] #‎PetSounds50‬ | Today marks 50 years since The Beach Boys released their musical masterpiece "Pet Sounds". As a tribute to the masters, we covered both "Wouldn't It Be Nice" and "God Only Knows" which are now available via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We teamed up with Substream Magazine this month to share an exclusive sneak peek into our brand new album "Radio Transmission Failure" out June 24th! Pre-order now and receive our new track "Overdue" instantly plus over 30 more tunes! More to come... [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We're extremely happy to announce that our brand new album "Radio Transmission Failure" will be released on June 24th, 2016! Pre-order it now within our "Prim@ry" box set at  anakin.limitedrun.com which also includes our previous releases "Random Accessed Memories" + "Emergency Broadcast System" + "Celestial Frequency Shifter". More announcements around the corner! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We've heard your requests and now it's time that we answered them. For the 1st time ever we are about to press some vinyl!

The "Celestial Frequency Shifter" 12" LP will be available on clear vinyl and is a one time press that will be limited to 350 copies. We have pre-orders available at anakin.limitedrun.com that also include a special t-shirt bundle option while supplies last so snatch them up while you can. More awesome news is about to hit soon so stay connected! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Happy New Year! It's been 4 years to the day since we released our debut album "Random Accessed Memories" and we're incredibly excited to announce that this year we will release our 4th album. It will be called "Radio Transmission Failure" and will include 10 tracks that we believe could quite possibly be our best material yet.

February 3rd will mark our No Sleep Records debut album release anniversary so we've decided to share a brand new demo on that date with our beloved Fanakins. Not a Fanakin yet?! Well then now is the time to become one here. We will contact all Fanakins with details on when/where/how to listen so keep an eye out as February 3rd approaches. 2016 here we come!. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Merry Christm@s a little early! Today we released our take on The Beach Boys' "Little Saint Nick" via No Sleep Records. It's available to stream and download absolutely FREE here.  We hope you all have happy holidays ahead. We'll be back with more news and updates in 2016! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We released "Sun-Kissed / Rocket" via No Sleep Records last week and now Alternative Press has the entire stream available on their website. Read what they had to say about it here! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] It's here! Today our brand new release "Sun-Kissed / Rocket" is out on No Sleep Records. You now can stream/purchase here as well as iTunes, Spotify, RDIO, Google, SoundCloud, and more. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We are stoked to announce that our new release "Sun-Kissed / Rocket" will be available on 09.25.15 via No Sleep Records! You can now stream our take on the Smashing Pumpkins' "Rocket" via the Substream Magazine premiere here and pre-order the entire release over at No Sleep Records here. Keep connected as the "Sun-Kissed" premiere is around the corner! [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Rock 105.3FM in SD has named us as their Loud & Local artist this month. BIG thanks to everyone at the station! Be sure to tune in and request Anakin this month and beyond. More updates are on the way as well as a surprise new release next month. Stay tuned... [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Earlier this year we launched our very own record label, Kenobi Records, as an outlet to release music outside our current No Sleep Records home. Today, we're crazy happy to announce that we've released our debut on Kenobi Records; A tribute to The Beach Boys, "Wouldn't It Be Nice / God Only Knows", which is available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, etc. You can now stream and/or purchase the entire release here. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Today we released our "Satellite" music video! Alternative Press has the exclusive premiere here. The video was directed by the talented Fernando Cordero via Industrialism Films who also created our "Send/Receive" music video back in 2012. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We are insanely stoked to have been chosen by Alternative Press to be included in their "100 Bands You Need To Know In 2015" issue #321! Pick up a copy today at your nearest Hot Topic, Target, Barnes & Nobel, etc. You can also order online via www.altpress.com.  [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We are extremely excited to announce that our brand new album "Celestial Frequency Shifter" has been released today via No Sleep Records! GIGANTIC thanks to anyone and everyone who helped make this all possible! It starts now... [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] We are so happy to announce that we've inked a record deal with No Sleep Records and our brand new album "Celestial Frequency Shifter" will be released on February 3rd, 2015! You can now stream our tune "Satellite" and pre-order the album via the No Sleep Records online store.

Thanks to everyone who has stayed loyal to Anakin over all these years. We could not have achieved this without you and we hope you know how much you mean to this band. We love you all. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Today we started the "Celestial Frequency Shifter" studio sessions. We will record the new album over the next two weeks with Eric Graves, as always, at the console. [-Transmission]


[+Transmission] Welcome to the brand new Anakin online information system. Here you will discover all there is to know about the band as well as uncover the latest news and updates. Become a "Fanakin" and receive special extras which include limited edition music and product. All you have to do is submit a current e-mail address here. BIG news to be announced soon so keep a close eye. [-Transmission]